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I have been thinking about what jobs can use a video webume.  Finance and accounting jobs probably aren’t the ideal jobs to set your video webume up because those jobs aren’t about showcasing who you are those jobs are more for either who you know or what you know.

I do want to say sales, marketing, advertising, modeling, teaching, pr, to name a few, or any job where you will be in front of people and speaking having a video webume is very very useful. It not only shows a little bit of your creativity but also how well you can do in front of people.  The reason I am saying that if you can shoot a video webume, you can talk in front of people because most people who are camera shy will also be shy in front of people.

I have shown two people who have filmed a video webume and are very proud of them.  In the next couple weeks I will show some more and hopefully you will understand that these video webumes really show a person’s skills beyond the traditional resume.


A video resume done for a spanish speaking student.  A video resume really shows his ability to speak more than just one language.  I recommend to anyone that can speak multiple languages.  At mywebume they really have the ability to explain and shoot a great video webume. Check out this video webume done for Alan Alva who is a Spanish speaking student who knows multiple languages

Not everyone has the resources to film a professional video Webume. However, anyone who has access to a video camera can create their own video Webume that have just as great an impression as a professional video resume by keeping these pointers in mind.

First of you need to find an appropriate background.  This doesn’t have to be complex.  Your background can be very simple. It can be as simple as a white background, it all just depends what you are trying to convey through your video Webume.  After you have found a good background you need to setup your camera equipment.

Choosing an angle is not dependent on which side of your face you’re most comfortable with. It’s best to keep the camera at eye level and look straight directly into the camera.

Once you have your camera equipment setup and found a nice looking background, the number one thing to keep in mind is lighting. Good lighting is an essential part of your video. Make sure you can be seen clearly and not hidden in shadows. Also keep in mind that too much light can over expose your face, making it distracting for the viewer.

Speak clearly and slowly. To help you with the thought process, write down what you’re going to say first before you step in front of the camera, but DO NOT read off of the paper once video recording commences. Be confident!

Remember that video Webumes are 90% video and 10% sound.

Your video is as good as none if the sound isn’t great. Find a location with low or no noise, free from door creeks, barking dogs, screaming pedestrians, or refrigerator hums.
If you can’t avoid noise such as central air conditioning, or furnace noise, then do the best you can to be heard clearly.

Music is not an essential part of your video Webume. Music at times can enhance your video, but can be too distracting if used improperly. Use at your own risk. (Music not owned by you is strictly prohibited, but you can use a loop which is under 20 seconds) So it’s best to avoid adding music completely unless you know how to edit the music properly to loop under 20 seconds.

Keep your video Webumes under two minutes, 1 minute is preferred.  Think of it like an actual resume where you are supposed to be as succinct as possible, you want to get your point across with as little words as possible.

Be sure to dress in professional attire and present yourself as you would in a personal one on one interview.

Keep these pointers in mind when you are ready to take the job seeking process to the next level.  There is a great site that exemplifies taking career management to the next level.  If you are interested in taking your career finding to the next step check their career management tools out.