I would first like to say thank you for visiting my page. MywebumeCal is me, Calvin Smith.  The company that I helped create is Mywebume and Cal comes from Calvin.  I am originally from Seattle and have recently, September 30th, 2009, moved to New York!  I choose to move to the east coast so that I could focus on getting my company started.

Mywebume is a company that I helped create. The founders Thomas Jalbert and Dave Camacho liked my ideas about marketing and my enthusiasm so they brought me on board. Since I started with the company I have been deeply involved with the media side of the website. I have helped develop four video webumes or what they are commonly called online video resumes. I believe they should be called video webumes however, because a webume is a combination of the words web and resume. Web is another word for online so the word webume makes perfect sense right?

Ever since I started building these video webumes I have got to know the “behind the scenes” aspect of video webumes. Because of this knowledge I am trying to help those out there that want to try and make their very own video, at some point in the future. The process of making these video webumes is not easy nor is it very hard. I will say that the time put in the video is reflected by the quality of the video. I would say I spent at least 5-8 hours on each video webume I helped to produce. When you do finish, the videos look great and you get a feeling of accomplishment. A video webume really is the future of resumes.

The video webume is the middle point between a webume and an interview. With this video webume the employer sees something that they couldn’t see in just a webume. I really think that people should be converting to using a video webume as their main hiring tool.

On my site I will be giving examples of good and bad video webumes(resumes), instructions on how to create a video webume, advise on both professional and amateur video webumes, and really anything else that could be related to video webumes.

For further information on what I am doing go to http://www.mywebume.com/job-seekers to see how mywebume is useful to those looking for a job or if you are a recruiter go to http://www.mywebume.com/recruiters and see why mywebume is a better tool for hiring people than any other site.