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On a show called How I Met Your Mother a guy named Barry Stinson creates a video resume. This video is very viral and can be used to market oneself but the only thing I get from this is that he only talks about himself.  As a company I don’t see the value in this guy.  I could see that apparently he is awesome.

The one thing he does have going for him is that the video is very creative and it is a great marketing ploy…. This video takes away too much from what he can do and focuses solely on how “awesome” he is.

I would say that when you create a video webume you should be creative and you do want to attract your employer’s attention but you also want to do it in a little more professional manner.


I have been talking a lot about how to make one without truly showing how one is made.  Here is an example of how someone can create a video webume.  I helped direct and produce this video.  If you want to make one, it is not an easy task.  You can anticipate on spending at least 4-6 hours and sometimes they can take up to 8 hours.  A factor that needs to be considered is the time put into setting up.  Setting up is commonly overlooked but it is a vital aspect to the video. In James’s video webume we take the time to consider where we are going to shoot and to capture the best shot.

Take some time to analyze this video webume to be able to create your own.

An online video resume that tailors to a job seeker looking for a position within a real estate company.

For more examples you can always go to or even create your very own video Webume.