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Even NBC is branching out to video resumes/webumes.  I recently searched video resume news to find out what people are saying and this popped up.  I always thought that video webumes were catching on but now I know that it really is.  If NBC is starting to post about video webumes other people will follow suit.  Mind you this article only came out one week ago which is pretty amazing.

To really get your name out there and to get the employers knocking at your door you should really go to the job seeker’s section or if you are a recruiter and want to see what job seekers are doing on mywebume check out the recruiter’s section.


On a show called How I Met Your Mother a guy named Barry Stinson creates a video resume. This video is very viral and can be used to market oneself but the only thing I get from this is that he only talks about himself.  As a company I don’t see the value in this guy.  I could see that apparently he is awesome.

The one thing he does have going for him is that the video is very creative and it is a great marketing ploy…. This video takes away too much from what he can do and focuses solely on how “awesome” he is.

I would say that when you create a video webume you should be creative and you do want to attract your employer’s attention but you also want to do it in a little more professional manner.

I have been thinking about what jobs can use a video webume.  Finance and accounting jobs probably aren’t the ideal jobs to set your video webume up because those jobs aren’t about showcasing who you are those jobs are more for either who you know or what you know.

I do want to say sales, marketing, advertising, modeling, teaching, pr, to name a few, or any job where you will be in front of people and speaking having a video webume is very very useful. It not only shows a little bit of your creativity but also how well you can do in front of people.  The reason I am saying that if you can shoot a video webume, you can talk in front of people because most people who are camera shy will also be shy in front of people.

I have shown two people who have filmed a video webume and are very proud of them.  In the next couple weeks I will show some more and hopefully you will understand that these video webumes really show a person’s skills beyond the traditional resume.

A video resume done for a spanish speaking student.  A video resume really shows his ability to speak more than just one language.  I recommend to anyone that can speak multiple languages.  At mywebume they really have the ability to explain and shoot a great video webume. Check out this video webume done for Alan Alva who is a Spanish speaking student who knows multiple languages