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I have been talking a lot about how to make one without truly showing how one is made.  Here is an example of how someone can create a video webume.  I helped direct and produce this video.  If you want to make one, it is not an easy task.  You can anticipate on spending at least 4-6 hours and sometimes they can take up to 8 hours.  A factor that needs to be considered is the time put into setting up.  Setting up is commonly overlooked but it is a vital aspect to the video. In James’s video webume we take the time to consider where we are going to shoot and to capture the best shot.

Take some time to analyze this video webume to be able to create your own.

An online video resume that tailors to a job seeker looking for a position within a real estate company.

For more examples you can always go to or even create your very own video Webume.


The Benefits of using a Video Webume to Hire Someone

I truly believe in this economy that a simple resume and cover letter is old news. It’s time for an upgrade! The next wave in the job market is going to be a video webume.  It showcases a person on how they can talk, what they look like, it goes beyond a traditional webume/resume, it shows a person’s creativity, and it is a better way to explain yourself.  The way of the resume is going the way of the dinosaur.  It was a great beginning but now that there is a better option out there employers need to pick it up.  It’s something different but if someone can impress you with their video webume you know that their interview is going to be that much better.  If you are an employer and are prospecting people to hire or to get them a job a video webume is what you should be looking at hiring from.
From an employer’s standpoint if a prospective employee produces a video webume for a job it really shows how driven they are to get that job.  They aren’t taking the easy way out and coming up with a resume which can take an hour or so.  A video webume really shows determination.  To complete a successful video webume it should take the person 4-8 hours.  As an employer if you know someone took that much time into applying for a job you know they will be just as hard working for the job once they get hired.  From my experiences with making video webumes it is quite a task to accomplish and I wouldn’t do it unless I was very serious about a job.
I see it that any employer would give bonus points to anyone that would do a video webume.  The video webume is a great tool to get a job and to really show your determination.  If you would like to learn how to create a video check out my post on creating a video webume.  As always you can sign up at to get your video webume started and uploaded.

You are at the beginning of your trial.  You need to determine whether you need to either pay for a professional to film your webume or to film one yourself.  The benefits of a professional video webume are huge.  You get someone to use good lighting, good background, good camera, professional editing etc… Having a professional film your video webume gives you better direction as to how you want to position yourself for your employers.  Even though having a professional is great you can still do a phenomenal video webume by yourself.

Creating a video webume by yourself is a viable option.  Check out this article it explains all about creating your video webume.  An amateur video webume is an amazing way to show off your skills and creativity. When doing your own video webume you can save money and it is a good way of portraying yourself.

I would like to say that it is unnecessary to create a professional video webume.  The most important thing to remember when creating your video webume is to be professional and to portray yourself in a manner that will show you in way to get that job. With a well put together video webume it can show your creativity and your professionalism.

Prepping for your video webume is very important.  After the script is written you can’t just go into doing your video webume.  There are a few more steps you must do in order to actually start your video webume.

You need to have an appropriate background.  The background should be clean and white.  It should be clear of anything that would distract the employer/recruiter from you. Remove all the toys, sports equipment, posters, like I said anything that could potentially distract the employers attention away from you. Once your background is appropriate you now need to focus on your attite and your grooming.

Deciding on what to wear is key in giving a good first impression to your employers. Your outfit should resemble that of an interview.  I recommend wearing a suit and tie to your video webume.  It shows that you are professional and are ready to impress the hiring manager. Also when trying to impress the person that might be hiring you, you should be properly groomed. For males a good clean shaven face or a well manicured face. Don’t have a shaggy mop for a hair-do rather it is better to have a nice clean haircut or to have fixed your hair so that it impresses the employer.  For women you should not wear too much makeup or wear clothing that is too revealing.  How you dress and look is representative of you.

The final stage in preparation for the video webume is the script.  You should have the script already written out and all that is left is breaking the script down.  I recommend breaking it down into sections that can be easily memorized. Such as an introduction, experience, hobby, what your strengths & weaknesses are, and what can you offer to the company.  What you offer to the company is going to be your conclusion and how you are going to leave a lasting impression on your employer.

Preparation for the video webume is just as important as the actual implementation of the video webume.  So take this stage of your video webume very seriously so that you can show your employers that you are ready to tackle on any job.