In this new job market it is important to create separation between you and the next person.  It is very common to get an internship and build your resume.  However, this isn’t going to separate you from the competition.  In order to actually be able to compete in the new market a video Webume needs to be created. With a video Webume you can show not only your creative side, which does not get seen in a traditional resume, but also your presentation skills.

When an employer/hiring agency sees your resume or cover letter they only see one dimension to whom they might be hiring.  The employer/hiring agency sees what the person has done and their writing skills, which is very important because you shouldn’t be hired without the basics.  Now you need to take that resume to the next level and create a video Webume.  With this video Webume you show another facet, another dimension in fact, to the skills you can bring to the work place.

With the video Webume it needs to be creative yet professional.  It is important to not just present it where it is professional but to also show a piece of you that can’t be seen in your resume.